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  • the edge of darkness is light, the edge of sorrow is peace, what lies between is yours to seek. go gently
  • With a sigh the sun exhales. A last golden breath across the plains, cool blue rolling on the Eastern horizon now, the night chorus triumphant soon in their cacophony. "This land is alive" he said and we both nod. Some things are enough just as they are. Most things even. In this moment I add only a long inhale, a silent thanks hemmed along the inside of my lungs.
  • By hoof, foot, wing and sail, the Dukes, each in their own time, have traversed multiple continents and the oceans between. Working long liners in Alaska, and running cattle in the Australian outback, they amassed a skill set and gathered the knowledge and tools that have helped transition @ranchlands into the twenty first century. While a majority of the work is still done by horseback, they also employ dirt bikes, trucks and this nimble little Husky to help increase efficiency with some of the further reaching aspects of the roundups.
  • "Our working landscape model combines animals and people working to try to preserve the ecosystem." Duke III explains, "A common misconception about ranchers is that they don't care about the land or the animals they work. We do." Indeed, for family ranches like Duke's, the stakes couldn't be higher. Their lives and livelihoods depend on seeking and maintaining that balance in their relationship to the land, the animals, and one another. @ranchlands
  • Somewhere on the edge of yesterday. Clouds drape low and lazy across the shoulders of the front range. The prairie sighs. Sage brush sweet on her tongue again. For a moment time steps even with our footfalls. A bridge between that which was, and that which is. A squeeze on the shoulder, a gentle reminder, gone again.
  • @charles_post was our fearless leader on this @ranchlands shoot, keeping wind in the sails with his boundless enthusiasm, love of all critters big and small, and contagious curiosity. Here he investigates what he hoped was a giant vat of nacho cheese #charlesquinceañera
  • Team meeting. Deuce makes known his concerns with regards to not getting to chase enough cattle today. // @ranchlands @filson1897
  • Someone's gotta keep this operation on track. Woods has no patience for lunch breaks in the middle of an important round up @ranchlands #passingtherope
  • I don't think "doing what you love" means you'll never work a day in your life. Quite the opposite really. It's endless work. Your soul gets wrapped up in it, and there's no time clock to punch out. It does however seem to increase the likelihood of spontaneous laughter, often accompanied by an infectious sense of purpose and grace in the daily rhythm of life. @ranchlands @stuffsam_sees
  • Folks have known for a long time now that dogs can smile. Recent studies however have revealed that they can also smirk. Particularly when out rounding up horses on dirt bike. @ranchlands @madi.hester
  • "While beef has been ranchers product in the past, we also view conservation as a product that will take ranching into the next century. We see ranching as a fading industry and lifestyle due to poor economic margins and an inability to adjust to a modern world.  Conservation is the key to the future, not only being good at it, but being able to communicate it in modern ways. We say this because ranching is the best alternative for large scale conservation in the west because we live here, have the most at stake…our children’s future.  The alternative is land being managed out of office buildings in downtown Atlanta, or Boulder, by scientists who have no direct personal connection to the land they are overseeing.  We see that our survival and successful conservation is linked to looking at the land multi-dimentionally, and creating a healthy diverse business that can ride the ups and downs of market and climatic fluctuations.  If we are not successful, our way of life will disappear.  This is what is at stake." @ranchlands @tess_leach @stuffsam_sees
  • "I don’t think of myself as a hero. I just look for what I think needs to be done and go out there and do it. I’m like anyone else, I want to leave my kids with an opportunity and a vision, and to feel challenged every day to go out and make that happen.” • Duke III @ranchlands