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  • meet #friendmentormuseloverspiritbearbrother Ben Moon (that’s @ben_moon for those of you who prefer your humans in virtual form) • •I grew up looking up to Ben. And, as these things go, I’m still growing, still looking. Ben’s art and way of being as a champion and lover of wild spaces, the road, caring humans, the ocean, rocks, canines, the wind, continues to inspire. If you haven’t seen his work, or watched his film Denali, go get lost for awhile. When you come back I’ll tell you a little story • As a kid, I loved shooting film. It was expensive, but mom and dad would give me a roll a month. I bought an old 4x5 Graflex off the internet when I was 19, worked as a line cook, deep fried hot dogs, burnt a bunch of steaks and earned enough cash to fuel an addiction to sheet film and the smell of dark room chemicals. In my early 20’s, nights turned mornings in a basement darkroom in Missoula. Then, at some point, I started traveling, shooting commercial work. Unnameable foods in far off countries replaced deep fried hot dogs, and digital pixels harvested the light where silver halides used to float. Different mediums, different seasons. And yet, anymore I find the things I liked as a kid are still pretty alright. Worth revisiting. So, over the last year I started to shoot some film again. photos of friends, mostly • thumb tapping the rest of this roll up into my rainbow circle up there 👆 #ileicayouverymuch #35mm
  • Today marked the largest elimination of protected land in our country’s history. The road ahead may be long, but it doesn’t need to be lonely. Thanks to everyone who is pouring constructive energy into this, taking a stand for the land and for generations to come ✊•👆story and bio have more resources and ideas for positive engagement #standwithbearsears #savegrandstaircase #protectpubliclands
  • Public lands represent common ground in this country. A place where everyone is welcome. Where we are reminded of our interconnectedness, with wilderness and one another. Places where we all share a stake. Something we all (and the world at large) could use a bit more of I suppose. My thanks to everyone in Utah and beyond who are advocating on behalf of #bearsears and #escalante and working to ensure the preservation of these wild landscapes and gathering grounds for generations to come #standwithbearsears #savegrandstaircase
  • If you are into nature and stuff like that then you might like #bearsearsnationalmonument. And you might like more of it rather than less #protectbearsears #protectpubliclands (link in profile to learn more and/or get involved)
  • Thanks to @ducttapethenbeer and friends for working to create a physical space for positive community involvement and education around the magical and threatened Bears Ears region of Utah •

While I don't live in Utah, or even get to visit Bears Ears that often these days, it is a region of our country that is dear to my heart and very much in need of advocates and stewards - both now and into the future •

It is my hope that the activism and strategies modeled at Bears Ears will continue to ripple out into the outdoor community at large, providing pathways and models for increasing involvement and positive actions around public lands in each of our own back (and front) yards •

Let's work together to build something that we can be proud of, and that perhaps can serve as a model for public land stewardship around the country for generations to come •
(Kickstarter link in profile) #bearsearsnationalmonument #savebearsears #bearsears
  • For those of you who felt remorse and confusion around your inability to meaningfully engage on #NationalUnicornDay, #GivingTuesday might be your chance for redemption. Check the link in profile to support the @kickstarter that @ducttapethenbeer friends have going. As @repryanzinke moves to reduce Bears Ears National monument and Escalante by around 2 million acres, DTTB and Friends of Cedar Mesa are working hard to create a physical space for positive community involvement and education around Bears Ears National Monument. And they could use a hand. Give what you can today to something you care about - time, interest, social shares, doll hairs, it all helps. (Link in profile for bears ears Kickstarter) #bearsears #protectbearsears
  • Putting the “Fun” back in Superfund: an examination of a seemingly illogical marriage between one of America’s most contaminated nuclear superfund sites and outdoor recreation in Colorado’s front range. Thanks to @laurentaylorsteele for your dedication and determination in getting this story right, and to @vice for giving us a platform to share [📷link to full story in my myspace profile📝...just kidding, it’s right here. On @instagram ]
  • “Look, it’s pretty” #freeadvice #issometimesnice
  • Nature being melodramatic AF here in the lost mountains of Northern Kansas
  • As my old pal @garthbrooks likes to say #AndTheThunderRolls #JustPenPals. Bison Works in full swing down on Zapata Ranch w/ @ranchlands @nature_org
  • “60 million bison once roamed across North America in herds so large that a man on horseback would have to ride for days to cover the distance of the roving mass. Yet, by the 1880s, with the West in the crosshairs of expansion, nearly every plains bison on Earth had been shot in the name of ‘progress’ by any means necessary. With bleached skulls peppering the prairie where vast herds once grazed, a group of private ranchers had the foresight to save what bison remained. Fast forward 140 years, and you'll find that every bison roaming across our nation's deserts, forests, plains and grasslands descended from those few individuals. Of the 500,000 or so plains bison alive today in North America, only 4% (20,000) are in conservation herds. @nature_org owns (and @ranchlands manages) one of the largest conservation herds in Colorado, one that comprises 2,500 individuals who call a 50,000 acre unfenced landscape home. This is the front lines of stewardship in the American West. Thanks for leading by example @ranchlands 🙌🏻” 📝 from @charles_post // I couldn’t articulate this better if I removed the  quotations and plagiarized @charles_post’s words for my own. Grateful to continue working alongside Charles and the @ranchlands family to try and tell a story that I believe has broad and bright implications for the future of land management and stewardship across the American West.
  • Part of what makes the @ranchlands bison herd unique is the sheer scope of the open space they inhabit. Unfortunately (for me) that distinguishing factor also makes them rather hard to find out on the range. Iconic bison grazing photos will have to wait, for now I’m enjoying learning from the knowledgeable and passionate crew here at the Zapata ranch as they enter into the third day of their annual round up, an event which provides a unique opportunity for the @nature_org crew to gather data and a better understanding of the genetic characteristics, overall health, and evolution of the herd.